All about pots and pans 🍳

We offer a range of pots and pans to suit all your cooking needs. Above all, We believe that your food shouldn't stick to the bottom of your pans and get burned.
This is why all our saucepans and frying pans are non-stick, making it that little bit easier to heat up that left over pasta or whip up a culinary masterpiece that would make Gordon himself jealous.

🎛 All of our pots and pans are suitable for Gas and Electric, while our premium and luxury pans are also suitable for Ceramic, Solid Hot Plate & Induction Hob.

All about knives 🔪

Noah knows knives are essential to cooking up that storm in your new place.

That's why we offer a range of knives, from stainless steel to ceramic, to suit all of your needs. All cooking knives come with wooden and bamboo chopping boards.

We source our knives from Russel Hobbs, Haden, Salter and Chefaid, stocked also at some of the best high street retailers.

Knives come in all of our Kitchen and Student Boxes, but feel free to upgrade them or add more from the extras page.

We recommend sharpening your knives once in a while, so don't forget to add on the knife sharpener as well!

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