Moving from abroad and worried about having everything you need to start uni? Look no further than our International Student Kit! A carefully curated kit, with all the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials to settle into life in the UK. All you’ll need to worry about is learning which way to look whilst crossing the road, mentally converting litres into pints and measuring how much milk to put in your tea. 🫖

Don't forget to check out our Student Must Haves like our Coffee Kits to get you through those all nighters, the On the Go Kit for when it's all-go, and of course some classic fairy lights to make your room your own.🧚‍♀️

About Delivery

With noah, you don't have to worry about running round IKEA on your first day in the UK - we'll deliver your Starter Kit straight to your University Halls.

You might want to order your box to your accommodation office for the day before you are expected to arrive, but you must first make sure that your university halls accommodates this and know to expect your parcel, so that they don't accidentally send it away.

University Halls in the UK tend to be large buildings with no access to the public. This means that the courier will most likely not be able to deliver straight to your door, and your University Delivery address might be different from your living address.

Your Delivery Address will most likely be a post room, accommodation office or a building concierge. Be sure to contact you University Halls Office in good time and ensure they tell you your Delivery address, not you living address. 🏫

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