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What if I don't know my delivery date yet?
What if I don't know my delivery date yet?
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If you're moving in the near future, but you don't know exactly when, then noah is here to help!

You can still place an order with us, and just select 'I don't know my Delivery Date yet' at check-out. This way, we will reserve your order for you and you can tell us your delivery date later down the line, when you know it.

Just don't forget to get in touch with plenty of notice to let us know when you want your box delivered.

Generally, we require at least 48 hours notice before dispatch, and for a weekend delivery we need to have the information by Wednesday morning.

Please bear in mind that these times can be a bit longer in the busier September season.

If you need any help at all with delivery, don't hesitate to ask noah! 😊

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