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How do I get prepped?Updated 9 months ago

First of all, we'd suggest wearing overalls or old clothes and working in an area you don't mind getting a little dirty and dusty. If you do get clay over your clothes, not to worry, it will come out with a bit of water. The paint is harder to remove once dry so cover your worksurface make sure to wash it off immediately with cold water if you have a spill.

Avoid working on cloth which will attract clay dust and consider covering any porous surfaces, like a wooden table, with a plastic mat which you can wipe down once finished. Greaseproof paper or wax paper works great too! Plus, this will stop the clay sticking to the surface while you work.

Have a damp cloth ready to clean up your hands and work area as you go, and a small bowl of water for rehydrating the clay as needed.


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