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How to stay safe whilst using the pottery kit?

Keep away from children under 3. Do not eat. Avoid contact with eyes. If you have a history of skin irritation, use latex gloves whilst working with the clay or use a barrier cream before use and moisturise hands well afterwards. Premixed clay preven

Is the clay food safe (e.g. for making plates to eat off of)?

The clay is not certified as food safe so we recommend using your plates or bowls as decorative items only.

Is this kit suitable for kids and during pregnancy?

The paints and clay are non toxic and safe for pregnant women but don't be tempted to eat any clay and always avoid inhaling any clay dust.Our paint and clay is suitable for children over 3 years but requires careful supervision from an adult at all

Is the clay safe for pets?

As the clay is non-toxic, it is generally safe for exposure to pets and is not poisonous to them. It can even be used to make paw moulds for your furry friends! However it is not to be ingested, as it can cause digestive problems. If your pet does ac

How do I get prepped?

First of all, we'd suggest wearing overalls or old clothes and working in an area you don't mind getting a little dirty and dusty. If you do get clay over your clothes, not to worry, it will come out with a bit of water. The paint is harder to remove

Can I fire the air-dry clay in a kiln, if I want to?

While the clay is air-dry and does not need to be fired, if you would like a more resilient final piece, it can be fired up to 1250°C. If this is the look you are going for, then we suggest reaching out to local pottery studios and asking if they wil

How do I use air-dry clay?

Air-dry clay is easy enough to get to grips with. Cut off a chunk of clay from your block (using the wire tool) and knead a little before you start to make easier to shape. The clay will harden over time when exposed to air, but don't stress, it does

What is clay made of?

Our clay is a natural product sourced from the UK. It is toxic free and has no extra artificial elements. Clay contains naturally occurring bacteria from the soil and if the clay was left in the plastic bag in very warm conditions then green mould co

How can I make pottery without a kiln?

Air-dry clay is designed to let you unleash your ceramic creativity at home without a kiln. It will naturally harden over 3-5 days without needing to be fired, making it perfect for home use. All you'll need to do, once it's hardened, is add that lay

How long does the wet clay last?

The clay will last for up to 6 months stored in its original packaging, and once opened we advise wrapping it tightly in cling film. Any left over clay should be stored inside an airtight container and if it dries out too much, simply spray with a li

How long does the clay take to dry?

Drying time will vary depending on how thick your piece is and the temperature of your home. On average it will dry by itself within 24-48 hours and you can tell that it's fully dry when it turns completely white. The clay will shrink slightly as it

Is air-dry clay waterproof?

No, air-dry clay is not waterproof or food safe. Adding a layer of varnish makes it water resistant which is great for plant pots or other things that risk occasionally getting damp. Don't let that stop you from making vases or mugs though! Just use

What can I make?

Air-dry clay allows for endless creativity - from artistic sculptures and plant pots to wall hangings, there really are no limits to where this craft can take you. Combine this with the paints, and you have the ability to make objects of all aestheti

Do you offer Team Events?

You came to the right place! Bonding as a team while getting your hands dirty encourages genuine conversations, and this we know from experience! Whether you fancy getting creative over a pint, for a special occasion or just for fun, our kits have be

Does the clay have an expiry date?

Generally speaking, our clay pouches last for 6 months. However they can last much longer, up to 12 months, if stored in a cool dry place - they may just need a little more water to refresh but will still work fine.

How much do the clay pouches weigh?

Our clay pouches weigh 750g each so you will receive 1,500g in one Pottery Kit, enough for 2 people to make a few pieces each.