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How do I use air-dry clay?Updated 9 months ago

Air-dry clay is easy enough to get to grips with. Cut off a chunk of clay from your block (using the wire tool) and knead a little before you start to make easier to shape. 

The clay will harden over time when exposed to air, but don't stress, it does keep moist for quite a while so you don't have to rush your sculpting masterpiece.  

If the clay starts to dry out during use and you can see cracks or flakes, it can be reworked by adding a little water with a damp finger (but not too much to avoid cracks forming as the clay dries).

If the clay becomes too wet and sticky, let it dry out a little in the air before you continue.

If your creation takes a little longer than planned, you can work with your clay over several days by keeping it moist under a damp cloth in a plastic bag.

When drying, the clay will shrink a little (up to 12%) so if the size of your finished work is important, go a little bigger when making.

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