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What can I make?Updated 9 months ago

Air-dry clay allows for endless creativity - from artistic sculptures and plant pots to wall hangings, there really are no limits to where this craft can take you. Combine this with the paints, and you have the ability to make objects of all aesthetics to match your home or personal style. 

We've got a wealth of resources at noah to teach you basic techniques for working with clay, as well as follow-along tutorials to get your started on making planters, vases and more. See our 'How To' tutorials to help you start your new adventure in our Beyond The Box community. 

The clay is not suitable for anything involving water or food unless fired, so if you want to make pieces such as these, reach out to a local potter with a kiln who can help you fire the work. This being said, a decorative plate or cup to store pens or similar always goes down a storm. 

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